Why Persian Rugs Should Cleaned Regularly by Experts

By | November 20, 2018

Persian rugs are usually big investments, but they are so beautiful that owners are more than willing to pay well for them. The most valuable examples are decades old and include delicate fabric that may be damaged. Some rugs need to be cleaned and repaired because they have been in storage. Others get soiled or damaged through months or years of wear. Fortunately, experts who specialize in Persian rug cleaning can restore exotic carpets in almost any condition. Once cleaned, rugs are bright, beautiful, and free of unhealthy dirt or pollutants.

Clean Rugs Are Healthier for Families

Persian rugs are often the focal points of heavily trafficked rooms, so they can get grimy and unsanitary without routine care. Everyday spills can actually attract more dirt. Originals that are bought at auction or from estate sales may have absorbed years of dirt, body oils, and sand. Homeowners often solve these problems by scheduling expert cleaning by professionals who specialize in exotic floor coverings. Experts carefully remove stains and debris. They steam clean carpets, which deodorizes them and brightens the fabric. Clean rugs are free of the pollutants that can settle on rugs and irritate allergies or skin.

Professional Cleaning Restores Original Beauty

Expert cleaning can also restore Persian carpets to their original appearance. Cleaning specialists wash rugs using gentle processes that uncover beautiful colors and patterns. They also repair rugs. Craftsmen cut, re-fringe, bind, and re-surge carpets. They work with all types of area rugs, including Oriental, wool, silk, and synthetic carpets. Artisans also restore deer, cow, and sheepskin rugs.

Expert Cleaning Extends Carpeting Life

Carpeting professionals recommend cleaning luxury area rugs every 9-12 months. Not only does regular washing maintain the beauty of rugs, it protects their fibers. Sand and dirt particles wear down the delicate materials and can shorten carpeting life. During cleaning professionals get a chance to repair small problems before they cause severe damage.

Homeowners typically depend on specialty cleaners keep Persian rugs fresh and bright. Cleaning professionals work with all types of area rugs. They also offer repair services and can restore the beauty of carpets.

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